• This Crew neck Sweater is so soft!
  • Designed it the way a perfect sweater should fit- longer in length (so its not too short!) while still remaining slim fit and not looking too big in all of the other areas like shoulders and sleeves. 
  • The white felt [béau] font against the Marle grey stands out just right and is the perfect unisex sweater for boys and girls! Matching white signature logo tag at the bottom- this is a must have sweater for all ages!
  • Sweater Size Guide> Sweaters are made to fit true to size if anything a bit generous- keeping in mind they are a slightly "oversized" look and are longer in length than a normal sweater.
    • What your child generally wears in a tops, will be what we recommend to get (eg. if your child is 2 but wears a 3, then get a 3.) However, if you prefer it to be more fitted and shorter, you can size down. Judge based on your own childs size eg. If they are smaller and skinnier we recommend to size down.


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