Make your wild & free babe stand out! One thing is for sure, adding a touch of leopard is always a good idea.

Piper Finn Oxfords fit true to size, just measure your baby’s foot and compare it to the sizing chart.

These oxfords are made in a durable, breathable, 100% genuine leather, to make it a staple in your baby’s shoe wardrobe. 

These shoes are easy to put on and take off – a must-have when you’re juggling a wiggly toddler, a bag of groceries and a ringing phone.  And, most importantly, they’ve been designed with careful attention to your baby’s feet.


Baby Soft Sole

Size 1 - Up to 4"

Size 2 - Up to 4.25"

Size 3 - Up to 4.75"

Size 4 - Up to 5" 

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